Water Treatment Operator


Water Treatment Operator

Company Profile
Alexco Environmental Group provides turnkey water treatment services for mining and industrial sites. We currently operate numerous water treatment plants all on a fixed price performance based approach. We have provided upfront capital to design and construct water treatment plants to meet the specific needs and challenges of each project. Our patented remediation technologies are coupled with our water treatment expertise to provide unique sludge management approaches that avoid conventional long-term sludge storage and management issues. Our water treatment designs and operations include:

  • Conventional lime precipitation for heavy metals;
  • Innovative sludge management;
  • Coupling technologies together such as Reverse Osmosis and bioremediation;
  • Remote sites under extreme climate conditions (-40 Celcius); and
  • Automation to reduce labour requirements and upset conditions.

Job Description

Alexco Environmental Group is currently looking for a full-time water treatment operator to adjust and monitor operations of a mobile industrial water treatment facility near Fort St. John, BC.  The industrial treatment system will treat water collected from several excavation sites.  The industrial treatment system is rated to 15 L/s.  Job tasks include the following:

  • Support the operation of a water treatment facility which includes the operation and maintenance of pumps, hoses, air compressor, agitators, pipelines, etc.;
  • Support the addition of reagents (lime slurry, polymer, etc.) to mix tanks, and climb ladders to inspect tank levels;
  • Support the operation of onsite computers (PLCs) used to monitor tank levels, flow meters, pressure gauges, and other equipment;
  • Report to the Site Supervisor to ensure proper performance and priorities of the Site;
  • Support the collection, shipment, and analysis of incoming and product samples;
  • Support the installation and maintenance of treatment infrastructure including a generator and influent pump;
  • Support and recommend improvements, adjustments, and additions to the treatment system;
  • Support other employees on the job site and provide accurate information/updates;
  • Troubleshoot operations and maintenance issues while voicing any known concerns. Some issues may occur during off-hours and require immediate attention from the operator;
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute work in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner;
  • Interact with equipment vendors and other contractors on site in a professional manner;
  • Periodic inspections of equipment and water treatment systems to monitor proper performance of operations;
  • Take proper safety precautions, anticipate unsafe circumstances, and act accordingly to prevent accidents;
  • Identify and recommend improvements to operations to ensure assigned functions are efficient and cost effective;
  • Support the installation, operation, and maintenance of insulation and winterization when needed;
  • Support snow and ice removal throughout the winter to ensure access and proper operation;
  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • 2 to 8 years of experience working at industrial jobsites and/or municipal waste water treatment facilities, preferably treating and working with water;
  • Has legal authorization to work in Canada;
  • Is able to work flexible hours, with potential weekend and call-out time;
  • Will submit to and pass a pre-employment drug screening;
  • Does not have any un-expunged convictions for violations of the law relating to force, violence, theft, or controlled substances;
  • Is in good physical health, able to lift a minimum of 25 kg, stand/bend/stoop for long periods of time, and work outdoors in all weather conditions;
  • Is in possession of a current Driver’s License, and able to drive to job site;
  • Is able to safely operate hand tools, small machinery, and other necessary equipment;
  • Has the ability to understand, carry out, and develop oral and written instructions in English;
  • Is able to report for work on time and perform the duties of the job for the scheduled workday, and report any uncompleted tasks.

Additional Info
Alexco requires a motivated individual that can work within a team. The Operator will report to the Site Supervisor who will coordinate their activities. No phone calls please. Send a resume along with a cover letter outlining your related experience and qualifications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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