Our Programs and Services

The BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) offers a number of programs and services created to meet the needs of our members, including:

As a not-for-profit organization, the BCWWA is self-financed on a cost-recovery basis through the delivery of its programs and services. By purchasing or sponsoring one of our programs or services, you are not only investing in your career or company, but also in the strength of our industry and the professional association working on behalf of yourself and other water industry professionals in BC and the Yukon.


Public education

The past few years the BCWWA has promoted and supported communities in celebrating Water Week. In 2015, the BCWWA launched a campaign intended to build understanding among water users and residents of BC and the Yukon about the value of their water infrastructure and water resources.

Visit the Value of Water website.


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Professional development and networking events

The BCWWA offers a wide range of events so that whether you need to gain CEUs or professional development hours, stay current on changing technology or regulations, or just meet new people and build relationships within the industry, we have an event that fits your needs and interests. These events range from short, interactive webinars, networking events and technical tours, to one-day workshops, to one of the largest annual conference & trade shows of its kind in Western Canada.

Check out events currently open for registration by visiting our event calendar today.




Continuing education

For more than four decades, the BCWWA has been the largest and most trusted source of training in BC and the Yukon. We offer level one and two certification courses, available both online and in-class, for water distribution and treatment, wastewater collection and treatment, and small water systems and small wastewater systems.

We also offer a number of single and multi-day courses that train operators on specific topics, techniques and equipment that is directly applicable to their day-to-day operations. And if you have a group of operators that all need the same training, our instructors will come to your worksite and custom deliver any one of our courses.

To find out what courses are currently open for registration, or scheduled for later this year, visit our upcoming courses.





Cross connection control certification

The BCWWA is the recognized administrative body for voluntary cross connection control certification in the province of British Columbia. With the support of our accredited training institutions, we offer approximately 70 exams each year so that over 2,000 backflow assembly testers and cross connection control inspectors/surveyors can obtain or maintain their certification.

We also host an annual professional development event each year to ensure testers and inspectors have the opportunity to network, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, and improve their skills.

To view a list of the exams currently scheduled, visit our exam calendar.




Research and advocacy

Since 2011 the BCWWA, through its technical advisory committees, has developed and adopted position statements on a variety of important issues that affect risks to public health and the environment, and to the sustainability of our water systems. 

To view our reports, position statements and other useful resources, visit our resource library.


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Membership and publications

With over 4,000 members, the BCWWA serves water professionals whose roles include:

  • facility operators and utility managers,
  • engineers and consultants,
  • researchers,
  • government policy and regulatory staff,
  • manufacturer and supplier reps, and
  • backflow prevention device testers and cross connection control inspectors.

Membership with the BCWWA has its benefits! BCWWA members have access to preferred rates for training and professional development events, receive member-only e-newsletters and publications like Watermark magazine, have access to a professional network of industry peers, and influence change through support for our research and public education activities.

Find out more about the  benefits of being a BCWWA member.



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Awards and industry recognition

Every year, the BCWWA selects a handful of individuals and organizations that demonstrate leadership, innovation and excellence in the BC and Yukon water sector. These award recipients are honored in front of their peers at our Annual Conference & Trade Show for their commitment and dedication to the BCWWA, as well as their outstanding achievements in the industry.

Find out more about our awards program and make a nomination!


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