Small Water Systems Workshop Parksville

Building Sustainable Small Water Systems Project

This project is continuing in 2017 with a number of activities aimed at continuing to support small systems in increasing their knowledge, making informed decisions, and taking action towards long-term sustainability of their water systems:

1. Five more “Taking Care of Your Small Water System” workshops are scheduled, at no cost to attend, in the following regions:

July 5 – Campbell River
August 25 – Invermere
September TBA – 108 Mile Ranch
September 27 – Nanaimo (in partnership with the Regional District of Nanaimo)
November TBA - Squamish

2. Local networking sessions are being held in 8 communities where workshops have been offered to build and strengthen local support networks. Participants can access presentations from local experts and create supportive linkages to other small water systems, equipment suppliers and service providers. It is an opportunity to meet others who are facing similar challenges and share knowledge and gain support.

The schedule and topics for these sessions is under development and will be available on the BCWWA website shortly.

3. Opportunity to apply for 1:1 Coaching from Technical Experts - Includes up to eight hours of coaching from consultants with expertise in small water systems. Participants may choose individual coaching to address their specific system needs or, depending on regional proximity, pool their coaching hours with others in the group who are experiencing similar issues. Available to 5 water systems in BC.

4. Long-Term Sustainability Planning - To increase awareness about the legal responsibilities, risks and financial best practices among all members of your governance body (e.g. strata council, water user community, improvement district board of trustees, etc.). The goal is to develop a collective understanding and support for changes required for your system. Available to up to 20 water systems in BC.

What are the benefits of participating?
You will receive information and tools to effectively plan for financial sustainability, operational resilience and system safety. Participating in the project will also provide the opportunity to connect and network with other small water system owners and operators in the region. As a group, there will be access to peer support and the opportunity to learn collectively from the challenges, issues and progress faced by others.

For more information about these training opportunities, check out the BCWWA website at:

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