The BC Water & Waste Association is governed by a number of policies written and approved by the Board of Directors.





The BCWWA exists so that...


END - 1 The water sector has an engaged network...


END - 2 The water sector has a competent and sustainable workforce...


END - 3 Leaders make informed decisions about water services...


END - 4 Leadership and innovation is in the water sector is encouraged and promoted...


                                                                                                                               protect public health and the environment.





GP-1 Governance Model Principles

GP-2 Board Governing Style

GP-3 Board’s Job Description

GP-4 Roles and Responsibilities of Officers and Directors

GP-5 Board Committees and Appointed Representatives

GP-5.1 Leadership Council Terms of Reference
GP-5.2 Nominations Committee Terms of Reference
GP-5.3 Elections Committee Terms of Reference
GP-5.4 Governance Committee Terms of Reference

GP-6 Expenses of the Board and Board Committees

GP-7 Code of Conduct

GP-8 Conflict of Interest

GP-9 Cost of Governance

GP-10 Linkage with the Owners

GP-11 Linkage with Other Organizations

GP-12 Board Planning Cycle and Agenda Control

GP-13 Protocol for Development and Maintenance of Position Statements

GP-14 Meetings of the Board

GP-15 Charity of Choice