New technical information brochure on well water now available

The BCWWA Drinking Water Technical Advisory Committee recently created a technical information brochure called “Is my well water really safe from pathogens”?


This two-page brochure discusses why certain groundwater supplies may have similar risk of containing pathogens to surface water, how to assess the risk of pathogens for different groundwater supplies, and what treatment or other steps are needed based on the level of risk determined.


The brochure explains general concepts of how groundwater travels through different geological formations and does not always provide adequate filtration to remove pathogens. It also touches on sources and life cycles of pathogens, and then introduces the standardized approach to assessing risk, based on the Ministry of Heath’s Guidance Document for Determining Ground Water at Risk of Containing Pathogens. The target audience for the brochure is the general public that own a private well, or are part of a small water system supplied by a well. The brochure can be used by BCWWA members who are Environmental Health Officers, consultants, managers, and operators that are looking for tools to communicate risk from pathogens to water system customers supplied by wells.


The brochure is available for download here on the website. 


Thank you to the sub-committee that worked on this document: Len Clarkson, Vancouver Coastal Health; David Fishwick, Ministry of Health, Marta Green, P.Geo., Associated Environmental, Keith Kohut, P.Eng., Associated Engineering, and Ted Molyneux, P.Eng, Department of Indigenous and Services Canada.


The Drinking Water Committee is interested in your feedback on this technical information brochure, and if you have a topic for our next brochure. Please contact Jodi Garwood, BCWWA Communication & Engagement Manager, at or 604-630-5350 with your feedback and ideas.