Call for Watermark Articles: Spring 2019

Write for Watermark magazine! We're looking for articles for our Spring Issue, 'The Rise of Water'. 


The effort and resources that go into delivering safe water and wastewater services have traditionally gone unnoticed by most water users. This is a result of our infrastructure being hidden away underground or far from busy residential and commercial areas, but also because our skilled water professionals across the BC and Yukon region deliver these services each and every day without incident.


However, external forces such as population growth and climate change are now pushing water and wastewater services into the spotlight. The “new normal” of alternating floods and droughts in many regions of BC, as well as the recent water shortage faced by communities around the world such as Cape Town, South Africa, are helping to bring our sector and the resources we manage to the forefront of public consciousness. But how do we ensure this increasing profile helps propel us in a positive direction? For example, raising the profile of water issues could create the political will to fix urgent problems, but may also increase public and political scrutiny on the services we deliver. The information we provide, how we provide it, and who we provide it to can help or hinder our efforts to provide safe, sustainable water services to our communities.


We are seeking articles for the Spring Issue of Watermark that examine some of the emerging issues and solutions to help deliver safe and reliable water services. This includes those initiatives underway to navigate the increasing spotlight on our sector as the demand for water increases while the security of its sources is in flux.


Article submissions are due February 15, 2019.


Please refer to the author guidelines for guidance on your submission.


Questions and submissions can be directed to Watermark Staff Editor, Matt Gilbert, at or 604-630-5348. 




Summer 2019

Theme: Educating Water Users

Submission deadline: June 7, 2019

Mail delivery: August 2, 2019


Fall 2019

Theme: Water Sector Workforce

Submission deadline: August 9, 2019

Mail delivery: October 4, 2019


Winter 2019

Theme: Risk & Resilience

Submission deadlines: October 18, 2019

Mail delivery: December 13, 2019