Call for Watermark Articles: Summer 2019

Write for Watermark magazine! We're looking for articles for our Summer Issue, 'Educating Water Users'.


We in the sector know that water doesn’t magically appear and disappear. Our customers depend on us and our water systems to deliver clean water to their taps and collect and treat wastewater from their homes and businesses so that it can be returned safely to the environment. Yet, many take these services for granted. They can also underestimate their own role in protecting these systems and the services they provide.


From proper disposal of “flushable” wipes and fats and grease, to water restrictions and source protection, effectively tackling many of the key issues facing the water sector is dependent on the awareness and support of our customers, the end water users.


We are seeking articles for the summer issue of Watermark that highlight new or existing campaigns, events, research, and other resources that are helping to raise the public profile of the water sector and the importance of the services the water sector provides. This includes behavior change programs targeting water users to help minimize the negative impacts on our systems, both built and natural.


Article submissions are due June 7, 2019.


Please refer to the author guidelines for guidance on your submission.


Questions and submissions can be directed to Watermark Staff Editor, Matt Gilbert, at or 604-630-5348. 





Fall 2019

Water Sector Workforce

Submission deadline: August 9, 2019

Mail delivery: October 4, 2019


Winter 2019

Risk & Resilience

Submission deadlines: October 18, 2019

Mail delivery: December 13, 2019