The BCWWA is seeking instructors for our New Sector Professionals curriculum

The BCWWA is looking for individuals to become instructors for our New Sector Professionals curriculum.


The New Sector Professionals program has four modules, with the first being prepared to run in 2019. This program is intended to provide foundational concepts that will assist individuals who are new to working in the water sector, so that they can experience a shorter ramp-up time and avoid pitfalls associated with entering a new industry.


As an inter-professional program, we are looking for individuals who have any or all of the following:

  • considerable experience in the water sector;
  • perspective from a combination of operations and engineering;
  • experience working for suppliers; and,
  • an interest in adult learning.


Successful individuals will be involved in the final development of the courses, as well as piloting and delivering the program.


If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact Marian Hands at 604 630-0093.