Call for Watermark Articles: Fall 2019

Write for Watermark magazine! We're looking for articles for our Fall Issue, 'Water Sector Workforce'.

The BC Water & Wastewater Sector Workforce Profile identified a number of key challenges and opportunities for the sector moving into the future, including significant workforce turnover, the need for succession planning, recruiting young and diverse workers, and developing skills to match evolving industry needs. 


Over one third of the water and wastewater workforce is over 50 years of age and more than half of this age group is expected to retire within the next 10 years, equivalent to approximately 1,150 employees. Yet, many employers do not have succession plans in place. More than 3,000 new employees are required with the next 10 years due to retirements, attrition and sector growth. Furthermore, only 23% of the sector workforce is between 19 and 35 years of age, compared to 33% of the general population of BC. Women accounted for only 12.9% of the water sector workforce and the numbers are even lower for operator and supervisor positions.  


We are seeking articles for the fall issue of Watermark that highlight BC’s evolving water and wastewater sector workforce, including examples of how the industry is tackling these challenges on both a micro and macro level. 


Articles due August 9, 2019. To submit an article, please contact Kaitlyn Unwin, Communication and Engagement Manager at