Last Call to Register for SCADA & IT Conference

Registration for BCWWA's SCADA & IT Conference & Trade Show closes November 11, 2019! BCWWA members receive a $130 discount on the event. 


To register, click here.


Join us from November 20 to November 21, 2019 at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, BC for BCWWA's SCADA & IT Conference. The conference will focus on the transformation of traditional SCADA into Operational Technology, including IT/OT issues and sensor advancements found in IoT and IIoT. Particular topics to discuss will be:


  • The basics components of a SCADA system and how to leverage it

  • Technologies used today and in the future, including case studies from municipalities

  • The transition to Operational Technologies, IoT and IIoT

  • Security and productivity tools associated with SCADA systems

  • SCADA for small water systems


Breakout sessions throughout these two days will focus on eight “hot button” topics in small group environments to facilitate Q&A opportunities.







Data Fulfills the Promise of the Industrial IoT - Chris Felts


Low cost compute, ubiquitous networking, edge analytics, fog computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the cloud… these technologies were born from or came to prominence with the Internet of Things (IoT). They began in the consumer space but soon manufacturers learned the application of these same technologies helped increase production, reduce downtime, lower costs and improve health and safety. The result was the Industrial IoT.


Join Chris Felts in a discussion on how technologies are making our personal and professional lives better and how we can use this data to solve new business and operational challenges. Chris is a Senior Strategic Product Manager at OSIsoft focused on the product strategy for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).