2019 SCADA & IT Conference & Trade Show Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the SCADA & IT Conference & Trade Show held on November 20 - 21 in New Westminster - we appreciate your contribution to making the event the success that it was!




 The event, which we host every two years, featured valuable insights into the transformation of traditional SCADA into Operational Technology. The conference included important presentations on topics such as cybersecurity and infrastructure communications, featured two roundtables, as well as a fantastic trade show. Chris Felts from OSIsoft did a phenomenal job as our conference’s keynote. 



Beyond the crucial information shared and discussions held on SCADA, data, networking, and more, the Anvil Centre in New Westminster as well as the delicious food were also highlights of the event! We’ve uploaded our album for the event, which you can access by clicking here. 


Click here to access the presentation Powerpoints from our 2019 SCADA & IT Conference. 






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