In Case You Missed It - 2019 Winter Watermark

"Our industry must think about what kind of world we are creating for our children and grandchildren" - Timothy Phelan, AWWA Director, 2019 Winter Watermark.


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While the next Watermark is currently underway, it's not too late to catch up on one of BCWWA's most crucial, informative and well-designed issues to date. This issue includes member news, event recaps, and important information on our Operator Training Course Calendar, but is also includes seven feature articles that cover industry news and explore how climate change continues to pose an increasing risk to our watersheds, sea levels, fish, infrastructure, and overall environment. 


"Where large areas of a watershed have been severely burned or damaged by a wildfire, there is an urgent need to put in place the necessary steps to stabilize the area from further impacts such as soil erosion, debris flows and landslides" - Bruce Blackwell, 2019 Winter Watermark. 


Our next issue is set to  available early May!


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