Networking & Sharing Made Easy: BCWWA 2020 Virtual Conference & Trade Show

Although we’ll miss the atmosphere of an in-person conference (as well as the drink tickets), we assure you that we are working hard to ensure a successful conference and experience for our delegates. The theme of this year’s conference is “Shared Perspectives, Clear Vision,” and we’re pleased to share that our conference platform will make networking, learning and of course, sharing perspectives as easy and as convenient as possible.


Check out the many ways you can connect with water and wastewater professionals across BC, the Yukon and beyond during what is guaranteed to be a memorable conference experience:


1. BCWWA Live Text Chats


No camera necessary! A huge incentive and perk for attending on November 3rd and 4th is for our vast networking options. One of the networking features of our conference is real-time text chats. These chats will take place in section of our conference, including our lobby, education program sessions, and individual trade show booths. In our lobby and in the virtual trade show chats, attendees can introduce themselves, their organization, and interests to find likeminded attendees to connect with.


During sessions and at the trade show, these chats may also be used to ask questions, provide answers, and request follow-up meetings. More than 20 text chat channels will remain open throughout the conference, allowing you to foster casual networking and talks around various topics important to the water sector. You can join a text chat at any time and see the time-stamped conversation history.


2. Virtual Chats that YOU can Create: Connect 1:1


BCWWA’s 2020 Virtual Conference & Trade Show allows you to schedule meetings with other attendees or exhibitors, or you can spontaneously start pop-up or casual networking meetings with anyone you choose. All you have to do is visiting our “Networking” tab on the Pheedloop platform, search for the individual you want to connect with, search their name (or use our filtering section if you’re looking for a speaker or exhibitor but forgot their name) and click “Join Chat.” From there, you’ll be prompted to send the individual a private message along with your request. If they accept, your private chat will start. It’s that simple!


In our virtual meeting rooms, you have the tools to see one another on screen, share your screen, and chat via our private chatroom. Don’t worry about exiting the networking section, you’ll receive a notification every time you’re sent a message, connect request or video chat request.


3. Connect in Groups 


Our conference also allows you to join groups. Click on our “Networking” tab, join a live group or start your own by visiting the “Groups” section. Note: unlike our one-on-one networking option, groups are not private, and anyone can join the text chatroom or video chat at any time.


 Participate in interactive and live discussions designed to draw lively dialogue around emerging topics like leadership, diversity and inclusion, climate change and emerging technologies, aimed at moving these topics forward in the sector. A maximum of 25 people can join each group, and there can only be a maximum of 25 groups at any given time. Participate in the video chat or text chat depending on your preference.


4. Connect with Exhibitors 


Found in the “Trade Show” tab on our Pheedloop platform, every exhibitor booth will be live and interactive during the conference. To connect with exhibitors, you can join the text chats which are individual to each booth, invite the exhibiting staff to a private meeting, or participate in a live group video meeting if one is being hosted. The maximum number of attendees who can view a booth’s live video chat at any given time is 25.


To join the video, click the “Join Live” button. Exhibiting staff members can share their screens and run full presentations or demos in real-time as they would on-site, all without ever having to leave the platform! Attendees can ask questions and chat with exhibiting staff over video, audio and text while exploring resources like files, videos, links, graphics, etc. The trade show will be open for both days of the conference.


5. End-of-day Networking Reception


Have you heard about our networking receptions? Always a favorite of attendees, BCWWA has worked hard to ensure that the event provides the quality and entertaining experience attendees have come to associate with our conferences.


This year our networking reception will be hosted by Kerr Wood Leidal through the Remo platform and will run from 2:30PM to 3:30PM on November 3rd, 2020. All registered conference delegates will receive a link through their email to attend the event. These receptions offer an hour of fun programming and informal networking in a unique virtual environment.


The KWL reception will feature a live band, prizes, games and ample opportunity to network with peers. 


The platform, Remo, pioneers a 2-D worldview, which means that objects and visuals come to life.  The table model allows for more intimate and focused conversations all the while providing plenty of space for everyone.


When you enter, all you have to do is click on a table and start talking! To switch to a different table and conversation, just double click the table you want to move to. Remo’s “Whiteboard”, which allows you to sketch, diagram, upload videos, press post-its, and more. They also offer built-in group chats for the whole event, each table, and individual messages so that you can chat and connect in whichever way feels most natural to you. Changing tables is easy - watch the gif below to see how simple it is to navigate:



*BONUS* One of everyone’s favorite aspects of BCWWA’s Conference & Trade Show is networking, and we’ve created a number of events to have fun this year.


On Tuesday you can join round table rooms and collaborate with your peers or engage in crucial discussions, take part in the Water for People silent auction, watch the Young Professionals PechaKucha Session, followed by a Student Design Competition Presentation given by UVIC students who placed third this year at WEFTEC Connect. Don't forget to join us for the KWL Networking Reception, where KWL has special programming planned!


On Wednesday, come celebrate the 2020 BCWWA Award Recipients at our plenary session, participate in additional round table rooms, one of which includes a special viewing of the Brave Blue World documental, then wrap up the event by joining our final networking reception.


Thank you for your continued support and if you haven’t already registered, visit: today!