2020 Virtual Conference Recap (by Bakhtiar)

This year BCWWA hosted our first ever virtual conference and trade show. Though our conference & trade show will look different this year, BCWWA is proud to have continued our long-standing traditional of providing premier education, training, exhibitions and networking opportunities that connect and empower the BC and Yukon water and wastewater sectors. Thank you to all of those who joined us on November 3rd and 4th for our 2-day conference & trade show hosted entirely online.


The ongoing effort from our team and the support from our members shaped this conference into an event not to be missed. More than 400 water professionals from BC, Yukon and beyond came together to connect and learn as a united community. The new online format proved beneficial as it gathered people from all over the world in an online space where accessibility and connectivity were at their peak. Benefits from a virtual conference extend further than safety, the conference was cost-effective and time-efficient, forming new friendships and connecting with old faces was easier than ever, delegates have the ability to watch sessions and gain CEUs post-conference!  All in all, the virtual conference was an exceedingly positive experience which gave exhibitors, speakers, delegates and anyone else involved in the industry a chance to network and generally be social with like-minded individuals.    



The keynote was presented by rocket scientist Natalie Panek. Best known for her award-winning work in aerospace engineering, she is an intelligent, insightful and energetic speaker who infuses powerful storytelling with a down-to-earth personality. As a result of the many unique and extraordinary life experiences that have shaped her dreams of becoming an astronaut, Panek shared a powerful narrative to the attendees regarding utilizing shared perspectives, collaboration and innovation to achieve success. Her innate ability to insert valuable takeaways in her speech empowered everyone to reach for the stars and to get the most out of the inspiring education sessions and several networking opportunities to come.  


Our education programs this year featured knowledgeable speakers and informative presentations, including three education rooms, roundtable sessions, an all-day trade show and a main stage between coffee breaks, lunches and other opportunities to network, socialize and connect with exhibitors, sponsors and colleagues. Another exciting moment was our plenary session “BCWWA: 2020 and Beyond” where the BCWWA was able to acknowledge the hard work of our water sector professionals and congratulate award recipients. The BCWWA wishes to once again extend our congratulations to the winners of these prestigious awards, and we thank all those in BC, Yukon and beyond for their daily excellence and commitment in our industry. 


Robert Haller, Executive Director at Canadian Water and Wastewater Association


The conference finished on November 4, 2020 with a casual wrap up networking to wind down, featuring discussions led and moderated by BCWWA guest hosts which provided a relaxing end to a memorable event. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year, we look forward to seeing you next year! This is the first year where we’ve provided on-demand content, meaning all attendees can continue earning CEUs, learning valuable industry insights and visiting our virtual trade show.  




To conclude day one of the conference, Kerr Wood Leidal organized an engaging reception that surpassed expectations! None other than KWL created a fun and dynamic space online for guests to play games, win prizes, socialize and listen to live music at the KWL Retro House featuring one of Whistler’s great house bands “Red Chair.” 


The games that KWL brainstormed and executed were so well-done. Ranging from solving crossword puzzles, scavenger hunts on the Remo platform to matching custom superhero portraits with the correct KWL staff member; The games were perfect icebreakers for this business casual event. The KWL staff created an atmosphere that not only resembled an in-person reception, but also added new features that exceed what is possible at in-person gatherings.  


We were overjoyed seeing everyone mingling and enjoying the rock group “Red Chair” performing live. Who could forget the prizes worth over $250 that were won by many due to their eye on the prize mentality which led to their names on the scoreboard? KWL went above and beyond in hosting this memorable reception. We anticipate it will be remembered by attendees as one of the major highlights of the BCWWA 2020 Virtual Conference & Trade Show.  
















  • BioMaxx Environmental
  • Kerr Wood Leidal
  • PBX Engineering
  • WSP
  • EMCO Corporation Waterworks
  • Lidstone & Company
  • Worksafe BC
  • Mequipco
  • Waterhouse Environmental Services Corporation
  • Summit
  • MPE Engineering Ltd. 
  • Piping Industry College of BC
  • CDM Smith
  • Waste'n WaterTech
  • Pacific Flow Control Ltd.