The call for abstracts deadline has been extended to December 8th. All abstracts must be in by this time.
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BC Water and Waste Association is currently accepting abstracts for our 48th Annual Conference which will be hosted in Pentincton on Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28. The conference is BC’s premier water and wastewater industry event and provides a great platform for sharing new and emerging ideas, as well as past success stories that provide beneficial insights for today's water and wastewater sector. Our fantastic presenters are what set our Annual Conference apart. Without you, we would not have the quality events that we are so proud of.


This year's BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show is focused on the theme of ‘Shared Perspectives, Clear Vision’. We would like to invite interested individuals to submit abstracts that are theme-related or based on more traditional streams. 



  • Last day to submit your abstract: December 8, 2019
  • When those with selected abstracts will be contacted: by January 31, 2020




The BC Water & Waste Association is looking for moderators for our 2020 Annual Conference in Pentincton, BC. Moderators are needed on Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28 to manage conference education sessions, keep sessions on time, introduce speakers and facilitate Q&A's at the end of each session. 


If you have experience moderating, or would like to expand your skillset, the BCWWA is looking for industry professionals to help provide well-organized, relevant education sessions at our largest event of the year.


Moderator responsibilities include:

  • coordinating speaker presentations before the conference
  • attending an orientation session before (or at) the conference
  • introducing session speaker(s) and keeping session on time
  • facilitating Q&A's and audience participating 
  • providing the association with feedback on the moderator and audience experience


To volunteer as a moderator, please click here to complete our form. The call for moderators will close January 10, 2020. 



  • Last day to submit your form: January 10, 2020
  • When selected moderators will be contacted: by January 31, 2020




With the growing impact of climate change, the water sector is in a time of uncertainty. As our environment continues to change rapidly around us, we have less clarity of what the future will look like than ever before. In order to mitigate the risks of our ever-changing environment, the water sector must come together to reflect on lessons from the past, build on successes of the present and develop a clear vision for the future.


Historically, the segregated and isolated practice in the different areas of the water sector have led to siloed approaches to the common problems with little opportunity for collaborative and synergistic overlap. With the idea of ‘shared perspectives’, we look at how we can embrace diverse viewpoints and perspectives to promote the sharing of knowledge within the sector as a whole. Are there opportunities for very different groups to work together to drive positive change? What new and emerging perspectives may change the way we deliver water and wastewater services? Through creating opportunities for individuals within different areas of the sector to come together, we strive to promote the sharing of ideas to achieve a common goal.


The 2020 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show revolves around the idea of using these shared perspectives to gain a clear vision for the future. This theme showcases how diverse perspectives from different areas of the sector may offer complimentary solutions to common problems the industry is facing. Through reflecting on lessons learned and examining current practices, the water sector may begin to form a clear ‘20/20’ vision for what the future of water may hold.