In addition to the Trade Show and other interactive events, the 2019 Annual Conference features two full days of educational presentations from subject matter experts in all areas of the water and wastewater sector.






The effort and resources that go into delivering safe water and wastewater services have traditionally gone unnoticed by most water users. This is a result of our infrastructure being hidden away underground or far from busy residential and commercial areas, but also because our skilled water professionals across the BC and Yukon region deliver these services each and every day without incident.


However, external forces such as population growth and climate change are now pushing water and wastewater services into the spotlight. The “new normal” of alternating floods and droughts in many regions of BC, as well as the recent water shortage faced by communities around the world such as Cape Town, South Africa, are helping to bring our sector and the resources we manage to the forefront of public consciousness. But how do we ensure this increasing profile helps propel us in a positive direction? For example, raising the profile of water issues could create the political will to fix urgent problems, but may also increase public and political scrutiny on the services we deliver. The information we provide, how we provide it, and who we provide it to can help or hinder our efforts to provide safe, sustainable water services to our communities.


The 2019 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show is focused on The Rise of Water. This theme examines all the work that is taking place behind the scenes to deliver safe and reliable water services, the efforts underway to raise the public profile of the water sector and the importance of the services we provide, as well as how to best navigate the increasing spotlight on our sector as the demand for water increases while the security of its sources is in flux.





The planning committee is currently accepting presentation abstracts for the 2019 Annual Conference & Trade Show education program. We are looking for presentations that reflect the challenges, successes and innovations around the increasing profile of water issues, as well as those that highlight changes representing the "new normals" present in BC, the Yukon and around the world.


If you would like to propose a presentation or hands-on session for this year's program, please submit an application form.


The Call for Abstracts closes December 31, 2018.





If you have experience moderating or would like to expand your skillset, we are looking for industry professionals to help provide well-organized, technically relevant, education sessions at our largest event of the year.


Moderators are needed at the BCWWA Annual Conference on Monday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 28 to manage education sessions. Responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinating speaker presentations before the conference
  • Attending an orientation session before (or at) the conference
  • Introducing session speaker(s) and keeping session on time
  • Facilitating Q&A's and audience participation
  • Providing the Association with feedback on the moderator and audience experience

All moderators will receive the Early Bird rate on a Full Conference Delegate/Operator pass or One Day Conference pass. 

To volunteer as a moderator, please complete this form by February 1, 2019.

Selected moderators will be contacted on or before March 15, 2019.





George Kourounis travels to the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth to document extremes of nature and climate. He frequently finds himself up close to the world's most fearsome forces: vicious tornadoes, the eyes of hurricanes, and inside erupting volcanoes. 


Best known for his international TV smash, Angry Planet, Kourounis is a fantastic speaker and a vivid storyteller. His unique and unbelievable explorations have fascinated audiences worldwide, and have often resulted in accomplishing world's firsts. While leading a scientific expedition for National Geographic, searching for microbial life forms in extreme places, George became the first person to ever set foot at the bottom of the Darvaza flaming gas crater, a fiery pit that has been burning for over 45 years in the Turkmenistan desert. More people have stood on the surface of the moon.


Watch for details coming soon on George's keynote address. With his background and expertise, it's bound to be exciting!